Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Red Stag........work in progress

I´ve been working on my very first acrylic painting.   I have always thought that I couldn´t work with them so stuck to gouache.   This is just a simple painting of one of the boys who visits my garden for food during the winters.    It is time for the stags to drop their antlers so am on the look out with about 20 other people.   It is a big event ....antler hunting ....can you believe that people search through the night with torches !!!

These photos show work in progress  and I have many more hours of work to do........just hope I get the result I want ..


  1. This is beautiful...I love the colors of the background. I have found a couple of drops and it is a thrill...Perhaps you will find one in your garden.

  2. Thanks for coming over for a peek into my blog...Yes I made the hearts...I wish I could paint, though. It amazes me to see how people can paint a flat surface and make it come alive.