Friday, November 26, 2010

Celtic Wildwood: Big red is back

Celtic Wildwood: Big red is back

Big red is back

For the past few years I have been providing a lot of wildlife with some very needed winter food.    Last winter we had a huge herd of red deer including five stags of various ages.   Sadly three of then have been murdered including one we nicknamed George.   He would come up to the house and eat sunflower seeds from the bird table.   For the past week his best friend (  I mean friend...they spent their lives together....sleeping and eating and touring the wildwood) has been seen in the garden and I managed to get a pic of him yesterday.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Celtic Animals

These are all original paintings by Joanne Hollokoi

celtic hare

At least finished but not yet scanned ...only have a quick photo taken in artificial light so you don´t get a clear look at the colours.      I have been inspired by the hare for many years and would watch them a great deal when I lived in somerset UK .    I  sometimes get a glimpse of one here in the wildwoods but many are  killed by hunters.    This Summer whilst walking my dogs I came across a very young hare on the track laying motionless....the dogs had no idea what they had just passed.

Rebirth.....Intuition......balance.......goddess.....full moon........spring ....autumn........sun....corn spirit.......whiteness.....dawn ...........east........

Keen eyed her hares and hounds
Blackberries and fruit of the darkened blackthorn
weaving their wall in the woods

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Celtic hare

Things have been a bit slow for me regarding  this piece.   I am nearing the final stages and have kept a record of the progress .   This is the fourth in a series of celtic animals.....I shall post the others as soon as I´ve documented them.