Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Celtic Wildwood: Red Stag........work in progress

Celtic Wildwood: Red Stag........work in progress

Red Stag........work in progress

I´ve been working on my very first acrylic painting.   I have always thought that I couldn´t work with them so stuck to gouache.   This is just a simple painting of one of the boys who visits my garden for food during the winters.    It is time for the stags to drop their antlers so am on the look out with about 20 other people.   It is a big event ....antler hunting ....can you believe that people search through the night with torches !!!

These photos show work in progress  and I have many more hours of work to do........just hope I get the result I want ..

funky little mini albums

This little heart album was made from scraps of cardboard and other bits from my craft cupboard.  

cloth and clay dolls

After discovering gritty jane and her wonderful ning site of cloth and clay dolls  I  was truly inspired to get the needle and cotton out and give it a go.     I enjoyed myself from the start and now have a new hobby that takes place in my studio during the evenings when Oli is tucked up in bed.